Electronic monitoring of Medicaid-funded home care workers is also surveillance of Medicaid recipients.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Excellent long read about how surveillance systems that are designed to track home care attendants are also tracking Medicaid recipients, in ways that can prevent people from living their fullest lives.  (h/t to Nathan Henderson-James, for this piece)

Palantir “partnered” with New Orleans to test creepy new policing algorithms & technology, and did it through a non-profit controlled by the Mayor—so at least some on City Council didn’t even know it was happening.

From Partners

Rally is making it easier for people to charter buses to the March for Our Lives.


Personal Democracy Forum has just announced the dates for 2018’s conference.

In NYC? You might want to check out this new one-day conference, Technology & its Discontents: Building Power for a New Paradigm.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Last week, Uber launched a new service called UberHealth, designed to connect patients who need a ride with Uber driver. Interestingly enough, a recent study in JAMA found that health care providers using Uber to get patients to appointments did not increase their likelihood of showing up (the patients, not the Ubers).  (h/t to Scott Mintzer for sending me that one—I am not a regular reader of JAMA!)

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