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Wanna see how much your city, school district, or state is losing to corporate tax breaks? Here’s how.

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What’s Going on in the Workforce

EPI has a new report out, showing that Amazon warehouses being built in a county don’t generate net new jobs.

Looking to talk to a bunch of Uber drivers in New Jersey? Try Secaucus, where the company just opened a new driver center.

In “jobs I didn’t expect Uber to kill, though I would have, had I thought it through”? Valet parker.

Crazy good history & analysis of the particularly American phenomenon of tipping, by Eater. Special focus on how race influences tipping behavior, both by servers and customers.

I’ve been meaning to catch up with the folks from the Campaign Workers Guild, since they launched a few weeks ago—but Campaign Sick got there first (don’t worry, I’ll still probably do it).

Organizing Theory

Are you using Slack for organizing? Are the topics you’re discussing there confidential? Read this.

Bots, decentralized organizing & more—this post from Mobilisation Lab looks at top trends in online campaigning.

From Partners

ACRE lays out a great case for why Amazon’s HQ2 project looks like it will result in an increase in racial wealth inequity, wherever it lands.

Spendrise just launched a new blog—and the first topic is how people got Dunkin’ Donuts to agree to ditch styrofoam cups. Congrats on both!

Geeking Out

The Vatican is having a hackathon, proving that even 2000-year old institutions need to embrace technology.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

mRelief is a new text-based service to help people in Chicago apply for food stamps, including helping them get a ride to the qualification interview.

The Koch Brothers are funding ads opposing big subsidies for Amazon HQ2. I couldn’t bear to put this in the “From Partners” section, with the other Amazon HQ2 news of today.

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