What do brown M & Ms have to do with inclusion riders?

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

So you’ve gotten asked to speak at a conference. Have you thought about putting an inclusion rider into your contract? Here’s a helpful post about what you might want to ask for.

Paid family leave should apply to every worker, regardless of whether they’re a freelancer, a gig worker, or in traditional employment.

ICYMI, support for Universal Basic Income just made it into the California Democratic Party’s platform for 2018.


Organizing Theory

I know that YOU know there’s a gap between in worker voice on the job—but now there’s academic evidence backing that up.


From Partners

Organizers in Minneapolis are starting a credit union to grow black wealth and reduce inequality in their community.



Want to learn more about effective fundraising? Learn from one of the best.



My friends at SEIU HCPA are looking for organizers—do you want to learn from some of the baddest union organizers in the business?


What’s Going on in the Workforce

Uber’s got some self-driving trucks doing highway trips in Arizona.  And driverless-tech competitor Waymo also announced they’re testing trucks—in Atlanta.

AI meets lawyers, beats them at contract analysis.

This restaurant robot is designed to take a load off of humans without replacing them.


Reputation, reputation, reputation

Shout out to my friend and HTU reader Hannah Sassaman, featured in this article about bail reform and how algorithms can make it go bad.

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