“…governments can ensure higher wages for drivers without making everyone worse off.”

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

“…governments can ensure higher wages for drivers without making everyone worse off.” Not just drivers—everyone! The NY Times looks at NYC’s efforts to set minimum wages for ride-share drivers. 

California’s Prop 22 could be the state’s most expensive ballot measure of all time, as Uber & Lyft dump millions into the fight to prevent their drivers from making any real money, or having workplace protections. 

Organizing Theory

Want to learn how to run a platform cooperative (or turn your existing worker coop into a platform coop)? Here’s a new course from Mondragon to help you do it. 

From Partners

New study from EPI looks at how states in the South have used pre-emption to prevent workers from gaining new rights, in cities. 

National Women’s Law Center just put out a new report looking at “Me Too” workplace reforms at the state level. 

Geeking Out

How’s your state doing in the “recovery” (is it a recovery if people are still losing work?). Check out this new economic tracker

What’s Going on in the Workforce

“A woman in Orange County, Florida, reported working 117.5 hours in one two-week period. That would have entitled her to 37.5 hours of time-and-a-half overtime — if she were an employee. But since she was labeled an independent contractor, there was no OT.” The new work at home gig you definitely don’t want to get involves running an inbound call center in your house. 

Looks like Uber is maybe starting to get out of the freight business. 

The Perils of Trumpism

Millions of people are losing their jobs, permanently, as the federal government fails to act on the impact of the coronavirus on working people. 

In other terrible Trump news, the Administration is taking a step that might reduce agricultural wages. I know, you were thinking all those people picking tomatoes were buying too many yachts! 

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