Cage match: thumbs up vs. five stars?

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Should gig economy companies dump the five-star rating system for a thumbs-up/thumbs-down, like Netflix just did? Or maybe just stop terminating workers for being anything less than close to perfect?

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Etsy’s a sharing economy company that seems particularly committed to sustainability. Check out their efforts to track—and reduce—waste in all their corporate offices, worldwide.

Cities in the UK are interested in learning how to better support worker cooperatives from the US’s Democracy Collaborative.

Will a bilingual financial app help close the wealth gap between whites and Latinos?

From Partners

Journalist friends: the New Economy Coalition is giving $1K grants to reporters that cover the new economy. See here for info.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

FedEx has started using robots, instead of people, to deliver things inside its repair facility.

Ontario may become one of the first governments in the world to seriously regulate temporary employment—including banning the practice of perma-temping.

Yet another of Uber’s business practices has been called into question. And it’s called “Hell” inside the company, so they probably had some inkling when they started the thing…

It’s sometimes hard to tell if the gig economy is driving a race to the bottom in online-only work, in part because it’s hard to know what to compare it to. If an American company hires you to transcribe something, and you’re sitting in the Phillipines, are you undercutting American workers? Filipino workers? Whose labor laws apply?

Organizing Theory

Indivisible has given millions of Americans insight into how to hold Congresspeople accountable. What if we had similar guides in how to influence the regulatory process of government departments?

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