You don’t need to bike to work if you never leave the house (or is that just me)

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

We might not be fully successful at promoting bike lanes, but I guess it’s also good for the planet if people stop commuting at all?

“Sharing” economy startup Appear (Here) wants to let you book pop-up space for YOUR start up business.

Vermont wants ride-sharing companies to add more insurance to cover personal injuries when drivers don’t have a rider in the car. Uber & Lyft, predictably, are opposing the bill.

Pre-paid cards and Wal-Mart are both generally terrible—but together, they’re trying to get low-income Americans to save.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Oh Uber, maybe focus less on the gimmicks, and more on making your company less of a dumpster fire?

Organizing Theory

Interesting first-person account of shareholder activism, by two professors who decided to step out of academia.

From Partners

Nerd alert! Descartes Labs is building a set of maps that will allow global forecasting.

Geeking Out

Steve Ballmer (yes, that Steve Ballmer) just launched a website designed to increase awareness of government spending.

It’s not every day that a person who admits, in the first paragraph of a story, to making $700K a year writes a piece that I find sympathetic. But this essay on how poverty is a disease—and the cure is not meritocracy—managed to pull it off.

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