The US is no longer shaming employers who kill or injure workers.

The Perils of Trumpism

In the Trump Administration, OSHA is not only no longer shaming employers publicly for killing workers—they’ve also lost the ability to enforce safety violations that happened more than 6 months before a firm is cited.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

What’s going on inside Costco’s corporate culture, that makes it so different than other shopping behemoths?

The EEOC just settled one of the largest age discrimination cases in US history against a restaurant chain.

The UK group that represents HR professionals has done a study of the gig economy there, and made some recommendations about what it means for the future of work across the pond.

So you wanna talk about the impact of robots on jobs in the US? Here’s a paper that involves lots of math & shiny equations. Bonus points if you can explain “commuting zones” in language the president can understand. The IMF is also forecasting that technology is taking a bigger bite out of workers’ wages than trade is, worldwide.

From Partners

This new ProPublica study demonstrates that auto insurers discriminate, in selling insurance, on the basis of race.

Geeking Out

Which companies are best poised to profit from self-driving cars? Hint: not necessarily Uber.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Take a step beyond Universal Basic Income to learn about Universal Basic Assets.

Habitat for Humanity is launching a campaign to raise money & awareness around affordable housing—in part in reaction to Trump’s HUD budget cuts.


In NYC? Go see friend-o’-the-blog Sarah Jaffe at the Workmen’s Circle, later this month.

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