Flying taxis may be here sooner than you think

Geeking Out

Pizza* by robot, coming to Europe this summer.

Well, we might be getting flying taxis sooner than you think.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

UPS thinks that 3D printing is likely to disrupt the global supply chain, so they’re retooling some warehouses to be able to house printing supplies and services, instead of goods shipped from elsewhere.

In stark contrast to the Treasury secretary, apparently the CEO of Yum Brands believes that fast food workers will be replaced by robots in the next 10 years.

And on that note—here’s the MIT Tech Review’s take on robotic grocery stores.

Organizing Theory

h/t to my coworker Anza Becnel, the organizer who conducted a warrants clinic that helped 1300+ New Orleanians to get out from under traffic warrants that kept them from being able to move forward—because they couldn’t afford to pay outstanding tickets.

Tenant organizers partnered with a non-profit startup to launch an app for documenting landlord violations.

From Partners

The fine gents at Future Left interviewed me for their podcast last week on the future of work/future of labor. Listen here. (You’ll have to do that for me, because I can’t listen to the sound of my own voice without cringing.)

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Since Congress wants your browsing history to be a commodity, why not give those pesky ISPs even more than they’ve asked for? Check out the new plug-in, Noiszy, which creates additional data “noise” while you’re browsing. And here’s an article from the creator, explaining why it’s a good idea.

*Assuming that you accept Dominos as pizza.

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