Is a tax on tech companies in San Francisco’s future?

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

San Francisco supervisors are considering a tax on tech companies, to help deal with the city’s affordable housing crisis.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Uber has adopted new in-app monitoring technology that Lyft considers not ready for prime time, to know when drivers are performing poorly.

Organizing Theory

Can we build algorithms that disrupt the politics of fear and resentment? (Well, I can’t–but someone should!)

The always-interesting Mobilization Lab at Greenpeace surveyed subscribers and organizational contacts to find out what’s going on with campaigning organizations. Read the report here.

From Partners

NELP’s new paper looks at the dangers of the on-demand economy, and posits that its workers should be covered by workers’ comp.

We’re hearing a lot about portable benefits these days—but what does that actually mean? This new paper from the Aspen Institute takes a look (authored by friends o the blog Shelby Clark, David Rolf & Corrie Waterson Bryant).

What’s Going on in the Workforce

The folks over at Campaign Zero have released their analysis of how police union contracts are used to erase the civil rights of citizens who have legitimate complaints about conduct.

The Aspen Institute recently interviewed employers about their practices and intents regarding current hiring of permanent employees versus freelancers. Shocking perhaps only one person who reads this newsletter, employers like permanent workers, but plan to keep using temps and other contingent workers anyway.

Will the C-Suite be more susceptible to automation than previously thought?

The next time you read an AP story about Minor League Baseball, it will have been written by a robot. And speaking of Minor League Baseball, the owners of said League are trying to exempt themselves from wage and hour laws.

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