Some gig economy companies are trying to create good jobs.

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Andy Stern, president emeritus of SEIU, on his new book about why it’s time to seriously consider enacting a Universal Basic Income.

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What’s Going on in the Workforce

Hank Green, founder of Vlogbrothers (brother of John—you don’t know him? Clearly you’re not up on your YA fiction…) has started a new organization to advocate for people who make video content online, the Internet Creators Guild.

Is the country’s investment in Uber good for Saudi Arabian women?

Harvard wants to know how you manage stress in the workplace (and the demand to stay connected).

Interesting piece on the challenges (and some proposed remedies) for freelancers who work across borders in the EU.

Some gig economy companies are deliberately setting out to create good jobs.

Organizing Theory

Is the “pop-up” union a sign of the onset of gentrification?

From Partners

Gig economy workers usually aren’t eligible for unemployment insurance (unless they have another job). Should they get a jobseekers allowance?

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Platform cooperativist Nathan Schneider has a plan to try to mainstream the co-op model—check it out here, and send him some feedback.

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