“It’s not like you need a pimp anymore. You just need a computer.”

What’s Going on in the Workforce

“It’s not like you need a pimp anymore. You just need a computer.” Is sex work becoming more mainstream, thanks to the internet?

The Rideshare Guy’s Harry Campbell, on some things that Uber could do, besides raising wages, that would help retain drivers.

Researchers from the LSE have concluded that tech employment increasing has basically zero effect on lifting people out of deep poverty.

This is a good look at how the “attractions” of self-employment are forced on people who used to have more stable jobs.

Organizing Theory

Breather CEO talks about how he built his business—definitely some lessons that could carry over for organizers.

From Partners

Freelance writers interested in tech—Shareable is looking for you!

Geeking Out

I’m curious if any HTU readers have experience using Trokt for contract management? h/t to Matt Richards for pointing it out to me.

Tesla has announced an update to their Autopilot, which will allow the car to recognize stop signs and stoplights.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

This might be the most adorable way to share surplus resources ever.

Home-cooked food sharing app Josephine is trying to make its business legal, countering the scorched earth approach that has been adopted by the likes of Uber & Airbnb.

I had a great time at the CommonBound conference this weekend—hoping to be able to share video of at least one of my two panels next week. Great to see so many readers there (and meet some in person)!

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