“Why did so few bankers go to jail following the crash of 2008?”

Geeking Out

“Why did so few bankers go to jail following the crash of 2008? Because almost everything they did was perfectly legal.” Great look at the morality of banking, in this month’s Contributoria.

What’s Going on in the Workforce?

You know what the world needs? A trash truck that doesn’t require people to get the trash from the can on the street into the truck. Meet the trash truck with a robotic arm.

“We’ve basically gutted wages for working people, and we’re wondering what’s happening.” Tim O’Reilly doesn’t think the W-2 vs. 1099 debate is worth having-because so many W-2 jobs have gotten so bad. Happy Labor Day! Meanwhile, the folks at New America want to suggest that we set up Multi-Employer plans to deliver benefits to folks who have — you guessed it — multiple employers.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

The UK is working on creating a database to track every detail of people’s finances, including mortgages, pensions and bank accounts. Now that’s what I call big data.

And while we’re on the topic of Big Data, Facebook’s decision to insist on everyone using their legal name makes a lot more sense when you know that they want to be able to sell info about you to lenders.

Most of us will agree that children deserve privacy. Unfortunately, most of us are not setting the standards for websites that collect personal data about kids.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

ZipCar says that users of their business service are less likely to buy a personal car, after their company joins the service.

Fascinating report on how AirBnB & other short-term rental websites are harming the rental market for New Orleans residents.

H & M wants you to tell them how to recycle clothing better—and if you do, you could win a million bucks.

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