“Power is the opposite of dependency.”

What’s Going on in the Workforce?

“Power is the opposite of dependency.” How has the replacement of tipping with “rating” affected the way we think of ourselves as consumers? Interesting post on the power dynamics of the sharing economy.

Five-Thirty-Eight looks at how the jobs of the future may be better suited for women than men.

Is the Uber endgame just to replace mass transit with a privatized system?

Google wants to have its self-driving cars commercially available in 4 years. Their first (non-Silicon Valley) tests are being done right now in Austin. On a related note, they’ve also filed a patent to create a system for tracking—and creating a giant data set about—drivers.

From Partners

In NYC? Come over to the New School on November 13th & 14th, and check out the Platform Cooperativism conference.

In Baltimore? Why not head to UB on September 19th, for a one-day conference that will explore the New Economy.

I’m super sad to see this announcement from Contributoria, and hope there will be some analysis of what worked—and what didn’t—as they tried to build a crowd-funding model for journalism.

Geeking Out

New York Public Libraries have embarked on a year-long program to help close the digital divide, by lending out hotspots to people with no internet at home.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Freelancers who share a common work space (coworking or other) might want to check out Cotivation—which helps people set goals and hold each other accountable, when they’re working for themselves.

This activist is calling on co-ops throughout the world to hold a one-day strike in December, to bring attention to the climate crisis.

Here’s a new startup that wants to connect people who want to learn how to do something with people who want to teach it.

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