If robots become union members, will they file grievances against humans?

What’s Going on in the Workforce?

If robots become union members, will they file grievances against humans?

Google’s about to roll out an on-demand grocery delivery service, in SF and one unnamed city.

Why is it so hard to figure out how many people work in the on-demand economy? Steven Hill breaks it down.

“If you’re well-versed in the area of robotics right now and you’re not working on self-driving cars, you’re either an idiot or you have more of a passion for something else.” What happened when Uber hired 40 academic researchers away from Carnegie Mellon University?

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Please, someone put up a solidarity fridge in my town, and take these extra brownies off my hands!

“I am sympathetic to the motivation behind a higher minimum wage as too many people are working hard and yet can’t meet their basic needs, but a Basic Income is a better longrun solution to that problem.” So says Albert Wenger, of Union Square Ventures.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

“It doesn’t matter if you have nothing to hide, it matters if the people in your networks have nothing to hide. You don’t know. They may or may not. They are not obligated to be forthcoming about that, and you as an activist or journalist might not know what those things are.” Why organizations should care about digital security—and some steps yours can take to start moving to protect your own.

Organizing Theory

Austin, TX doesn’t just take public comment on policy proposals via email—they recently opened up their platform to people who didn’t have internet access, through text messages. It gave them a whole new perspective on how city residents felt about Ban the Box.

Geeking Out

An interesting post from Nick Grossman about how we could think differently about how to regulate new online businesses—by using data that governments historically haven’t had access to.

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