“Does the problem you are trying to solve really matter to anyone?”

Organizing Theory

Need policy ideas on how to make your state or city more responsible for keeping black lives safe, or to track what presidential candidates have proposed, as far as police reform? Start here.

Mobilisation Lab takes a look at how distributed organizing has evolved in groups like Hollaback! & 350.org.

“Does the problem you are trying to solve really matter to anyone? Is the solution you propose realistic and effective?” On how activist tactics are being disrupted, in the 21st century.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

If you’re in the Bay Area, Fresno or Boston & are thinking about going solar, check out this new tool to let you know how much sun your roof might collect.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Apple is building a new AI into iOS 9, that will actually learn things about you and then keep them private (as all the work gets done on your phone, not some server in the cloud).

Could Google rig the 2016 election, through use of their search algorithm?

From Partners

In Philly? Why not come to this co-op brunch get-together, Saturday September 5th.

What’s Going on in the Workforce?

There may be storm & drang in the Washington Post about fast food restaurants installing robots…but here’s a Kebob shop in London that is cutting its meat with a machine.

Business for Social Responsibility issued a report this summer about the challenges of providing good jobs, in the age of automation.

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