“My belief is that ‘union 2.0’ will be a platform, more than an organization…”

What’s Going on in the Workforce?

“My belief is that ‘union 2.0’ will be a platform, more than an organization, and its power will derive from the data leverage it’s able to attain over the platforms that employ its workers.” Nick Grossman has some interesting ideas about how to source the sharing economy—with venture capital, or community capital? Or maybe both?

The Standing O wants to be the Spotify that pays its artists (& songwriters!) fairly. Check out their video about why they pay songwriters and artists per play, on their new music streaming service.

Can you pick up where the math leaves off? Harvard Biz Review thinks that augmentation will be the next wave of humanity’s employable future.

Organizing Theory

As a union organizer, I have known some workers with interesting workplace issues. But this one kind of takes the cake.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

“People have a really hard time articulating their feelings. And sometimes there is a subtle fleeting little emotion that people aren’t even aware is happening.” Good thing we’ve got ad companies using facial recognition software, so we can see how we really feel about their ads.

“…a computer model with 250 “likes” (to compare) is better than your own wife or husband at judging your personality.” What can a kind of algorithm I can’t even spell figure out about you from your FB profile? And who is that information useful to? Check out this new video to find out.

Geeking Out

One step beyond making campaign finance data more accessible? Getting it in the hands of journalists that can use it to make public the connections between money & legislative votes. Kick in to this Kickstarter.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

“…a bossless organization is a burden of itself.” But these Turkish textile workers wouldn’t go back to a non-coop life, after occupying their plant when the owners left them jobless.

Don’t buy face wash with little floating things in it. If you need to know why, watch this.

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