“They’ve got this great stuff sitting in the can that they can’t use…”

Organizing Theory

“They’ve got this great stuff sitting in the can that they can’t use.” So you want to kickstarter a Republican ad? Have we got a new superPAC site for you…

Change.org is revising their data collection to capture more information about voters—so they can better target elected officials, not just companies.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Tech coops are on the rise in Silicon Valley.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Do you use Facebook Messenger? Maybe you want to turn off the location data. Or maybe you’re a really big Harry Potter fan, in which case, don’t.

Geeking Out

Finnish computer scientists write an algorithm that can compose rap lyrics. What’s up with that, West Coast?

h/t to reader & friend of the blog, Matt Richards, for this new website, which tracks robotics projects in the developing world.

What’s Going on in the Workforce?

A lesson about what happened to working class America, through the lens of Windows and Onions.

Interesting debate about whether we need to create a new legal class of workers that are neither independent contractors nor traditional employees.

Hospital bots deliver pills, linens, food and more.

The first test of Uber’s self-driving car has been spotted in Pittsburgh.

Here’s Tesla’s principal software engineer, making the case that this time, it really IS different, when it comes to technological unemployment.

Al-Jazeera has a new two-part documentary series out about The Tech Threat—watch it here.

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