“I could be in control of my life.”

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And if you haven’t heard it yet—last week, friends-o-the-blog Sarah Jaffe & Meshell Chen had me on their weekly podcast, Belabored, to talk about why the labor movement should support Universal Basic Income.  BTW, hello new readers! It’s so lovely to meet all of you!

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

“I could be in control of my life.” Laura Flanders from GRITtv takes a look at the success of the New Era Windows cooperative, 3 years after workers occupied their plant in Chicago.

Some urban neighbors already trade books informally through free libraries—this effort in Geneva lets neighbors share other kinds of stuff, through a neighborhood exchange box.

Santa Monica just put a dent into AirBnB’s business there, by banning short-term rentals of full units for anything less than 30 days.

From Partners

In NYC and want to learn more about UBI? Go listen to another FOB, Natalie Foster, at Civic Hall next week.

Organizing Theory

Live-streaming has been a powerful tool in the activist toolbox since at least 2011. But as live-streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat make it even more accessible, this activist wonders how we can better use it to promote justice.

Geeking Out

This week’s new favorite tumblr…hi-tech jobs drawn as characters from a children’s book…welcome to Business Town!

What’s Going on in the Workforce?

“There are a growing number of observers who do not fear or hate technology but fear the negative effects technology can have on the individual and society if used inappropriately.” Preach, brother.

Public officials are teaming up with local unions to help driving organizing wins in Silicon Valley & the Bay Area.

If self-driving cars destroy the jobs of almost six million drivers, but save the rest of us over $1 trillion (because we no longer need to own a car), what’s the net cost or benefit to our economy?  Blogger Scott Santens recently looked at this very issue, and uses it as another example of why we’re going to need Basic Income sooner, rather than later.

Can I get a robot to sell me another robot? Yes, but (so far) only in Palo Alto.

The Open Society Institute has launched a new Future of Work website, where you can see links to all their commissioned research.  It includes this awesome map of 95 future of work projects.


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