“Automate or perish”…or maybe there’s a third way?

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What’s Going on in the Workforce?
“Automate or perish” Perhaps there’s a third option? The job of deboning chickens does seem like it would be advantaged by machines—but surely there’s still some role for human butchers to play?
If I’d had more coffee, I could probably think of a pithier joke. But honestly, banks need to rent robot suits, because their employees can’t carry all the money? I’m not sure there’s a better use for the #firstworldproblems hashtag.
Reputation, reputation, reputation
Well OF COURSE I want the maker of my car to provide Amazon with my location, so they can deliver to me by drone. No, wait…
It’s one thing to let your boss track your movements while you’re at work—lots of workers have to put up with that. It’s a wrong thing, but it is a thing. But getting fired because you wouldn’t let them track you 24/7? That’s a #bossfail.
Organizing Theory
If you’re a social media campaigner, you probably have fought in a hashtag war, at some point. (@banditelli, I’m looking at you!) But what’s the value of a hashtag campaign?  On a related note, new service Protestify aims to help citizen journalists get paid for photos they take that get picked up by the MSM, using the hashtag #protestify.
Podemos seems to have made the world’s first hologram protest. No, really.
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In NYC? Why not check out the Workers Unite Film Festival? Now through May 27th.

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