“We hit our goals! We lost…but we hit our goals!”

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This week’s original content was not preserved for posterity…but a big HtU thank you to all the folks who participated in last Friday’s video chat on Universal Basic Income: Meshell Chen, Alex Denny, Stephan Edel, Ryan Johnson & Joseph Phelan.
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Organizing Theory
“We hit our goals! We lost… but we hit our goals!” If this sounds familiar, maybe you’re measuring the wrong things.
Reputation, reputation, reputation
Lots of people post tweets with pictures. Sometimes, those tweets get retweeted. Other times, the pictures are used in completely out-of-context ways. How can you tell the difference?
Did you post your picture to that new Microsoft site, How Old? If you did, did you mean to give them permission to use your photographs in advertising?
Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability
Worker coop advocates in California are supporting a bill to make it easier to form coops in that state, in part to fight against income inequality.. .
Would you buy a t-shirt for $2.25, if it made you watch a video about textile factories first?
Geeking Out
You don’t know what you need to know about artificial intelligence of the future? Read this. Amazing.
The slow death of the one-hour photo processing lab.
What’s Going on in the Workforce?
As more cities and states raise their minimum wage requirements, one author wonders—how much does that wage growth impact other low-wage workers?
What ethical challenges does drone journalism spark, and who if anyone is training new journalists to think about them?

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