More gig economy stories than you can shake a stick at

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability
“As employment decreases, it’s not like the answer is trying to get more people deemed as misclassified.” Is the gig economy about to fall apart under the weight of lawsuits? Most likely not. But what are we coming up with as solutions for people who want to freelance, and also want to be treated with respect?
I am sort of super in love with the phrase “radical disaggregation of consumption.” This is an interesting paper about what state & local governments might do to regulate the sharing economy, once it’s more integrated into our regular economy. If you want to cut to the chase of the most interesting policy recommendations (at least from my perspective), skip to page 50.
Can we learn lessons about Universal Basic Income from the dividend payments that Alaska sends to every resident?
What’s Going on in the Workforce?
Can a thick layer of software replace middle managers? If so, can someone remake the movie Office Space with some kind of API? h/t to reader Matt Dimick for pointing this one out.
And while we’re on the subject of replacing things with software—what does a union look like in the gig economy? I bet there’s an app for that.
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