Net Neutrality For the (Workers’) Win!

week 9 2015

Organizing Theory
Here’s a good analysis of the campaign to win net neutrality—which a year ago, seemed like it was on its deathbed.
What’s Going on in the Workforce?
“Those who claim to be advocating on behalf of the interests of Black and Latino workers in tech companies but ignore the pressing issues facing hourly workers in those very same tech companies are not doing Black and Latino communities any favors.”
Still think Net Neutrality is just about streaming video faster? Here’s Etsy’s CEO, talking about how it’s a workers’ rights issue for all those who make a living selling stuff online.
Geeking Out
Japan may soon house half as many robots as it does humans.
This doesn’t really fit any category on this blog…but Craig Newmark reflecting on his decisions in launching & nurturing craigslist is worth reading.
I’m continually impressed by Contributoria’s efforts to set up a site that essentially crowd-funds investigative journalism. This month, they launch “Topic Ideas,” where members can indicate interest not just in specific articles, but broad topic areas for coverage. (Can you guess which one I voted for?)
Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability
If you make most of your income from freelancing, it can be hard to get a mortgage. Enter a new startup.
Worker-owned co-ops are starting to gain traction as a type of economic development worth investing in. How do we make sure that the voices of worker-owners are heard, as more cities and states move forward on these efforts?
In NYC? You might want to hit up this event next Tuesday night. Cooperatives & the Sharing Economy.
An interesting in-depth look at how Chicago’s civic hackers are building apps that help their city. The best thing you’ll read about sewage today, I guarantee it.
Reputation, reputation, reputation
I have a lot of thoughts about this new app. Mostly, they involve wishing I was the kind of person who could easily block the people who cause me the most stress. Sadly, some of us are stuck having to manage relationships the old-fashioned way.
From Partners
Last year, I interviewed Brett Scott about his book, The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance. Brett just let me know that there’s a pirated pdf of it floating around the interwebs—so if you’re interested in reading it and couldn’t afford the book, you can find it here. Of course, you could also throw him a buck or two, if you find it worthwhile.
“In the new on-demand economy, companies are turning the Internet into the equivalent of a street corner hiring site and turning workers into day laborers.” NELP’s Rebecca Smith on the legal state of things in the sharing economy.

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