Can Mechanical Turks do creative work?

What’s Going on in the Workforce?
Sure, you can hire Mechanical Turks to do relatively simple tasks like identifying photographs. But what about real creative work?
“It would be naive to think that the basic needs of workers change with the proliferation of smart phones.” Smart thinking about what post-recession life (and regulation) might be like for on-demand companies, by Managed by Q co-founder Dan Teran. h/t to reader Natalie Foster for sending this one in.
Most hospitals will encourage you to eat more fruit. This one will encourage you to eat more fruit that you order from a fruit-named robot, who will deliver it to your room.
The BBC asks: can we make capitalism moral by letting driverless cars own themselves?
As ever, Sarah Jaffe kills it with an analysis of why wanting to work less—not make less—should be the number one issue for working women.
Organizing Theory
Great analysis by On Labor Blog of the potential problems with municipal wage laws—specifically, state-level pre-emption.
From Partners
Five of the US’s biggest foundations are worried we’re not doing enough public policy work that applies in the Internet age.  They want to know what they should fund.
Geeking Out
The Zipperbot will clearly be the new best friend of all women who live alone and wear back-zip dresses.
Boston Dynamics’ four-legged robot, Spot, is getting better and better. But please, don’t kick the bots. It makes me sad.
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