“What if poverty is like smallpox?”

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The Open Society Foundation has been releasing a series of papers on the Future of Work. Here, Ryan Johnson, Arun Ivatury and I discuss “Left Behind by the Digital Revolution.”   And if you like our original content, don’t forget to check out our Patreon page and if you can, become a supporter.
Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability
“What if poverty is like smallpox?” Can a universal basic income be the vaccine that we need?
Want to set an ambitious sustainability goal for your city? Why not follow Helsinki’s lead? Their goal—that in 10 years, no one in the city should need to own a car.
H & M CEO argues that reducing global consumption, particularly of fast fashion, will lead to global job loss and greater economic insecurity in the developing world. Hmm.
Reputation, reputation, reputation
A long read—but for any activist worried about being spied on by the US government, a worthwhile one. The Electronic Frontier Foundation just released a policy plan for ending mass surveillance.
Organizing Theory
Greenpeace’s Mobilization Lab has a detailed write-up about using Google Glass to record direct actions or other earned media events.
“To name a problem as ‘international’ is to absolve oneself of responsibility and to place the solution in the hands of those proven manifestly incapable. The international is not international any more; it is simply us.” Do big problems need small solutions?
From Partners
“We were different from other union-side lawyers, because we both represented unions and sometimes sued them because they were not being democratic enough.” Meet this week’s updated version of Studs Terkel from In These Times: the Lawyer.
The Ford Foundation demands greater transparency from grantees by expanding the use of Creative Commons Licensing for grant-funded projects.
Geeking Out
Want to eat a chocolate bar that looks like your face? Head to the Sweetest Place on Earth, and fire up the 3D chocolate printer. (Don’t be a J1 student, though. It’s not always sweet to them.)
Meet Eve, the robot scientist who can help discover new drug formulae.
What’s Going on in the Workforce?
 As an artist, it’s nice to get paid by people who are making money off your work. But I guess platforms have to eat too—so they’ll share data instead of money. Which begs the question–at what point will we actually just start eating data?
“The lesson was that businesses really want flexibility and adaptability.” So says the guy who sold warehouse robots to Amazon.
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