“This hamburger tastes of victory.”

What’s Going on in the Workforce?

“This hamburger tastes of victory.” Check out this new documentary about working for minimum wage, in the City of London, and a Justice for Janitors style campaign to get cleaners a living wage.

“…consumers are largely unaware that their online browsing activity could result in their resumes being sifted out of the eligible talent pool.” Great new paper on data-driven hiring, from the Data & Society Research Institute.

If you work with a robot, should it be allowed to hurt you? This is, apparently, a serious question for policy makers.

Bank workers are organizing, and it could actually make your life as a bank customer better. Sarah Jaffe tells you how in this great piece.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

One way that people who’ve achieved journeyperson status in their careers can do to give back is to start mentoring apprentices. If you’re a software developer who wants to mentor future coders, AND cares about helping create more diversity in tech—why not spend 3 months in Nigeria with Andela?

Thinking about creating a policy in your community to promote community wealth through an anchor institution strategy? Read this.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

India has begun tracking bureaucrats through retina scans, to make sure they’re really at work.

For 30 years, employers have been pushing their employees to get into wellness plans. Now, some employers are asking people to use wearable devices to track their exercise and health risks—but who owns that data? and what might they do with it?

Organizing Theory

Want to change a voter’s mind about a controversial social issue? Try sending someone to the door to talk about their own experience with it.

Geeking Out

If you want to read a serious article about robotic design theory that also manages to reference every robot in pop culture in about the last 40 years, you’ve come to the right place.

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