“Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right….”

What’s Going on in the Workforce?

“Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right.” Are you using the tools of your trade to make a point in your protests?

Working children in Bolivia can be as young as 10, and are organizing a union. A key demand? Time off for homework.

“…many women don’t want to sign up to be an outlier. To be the first or only woman in the room is to be notice for your gender as much as for your work..” How Etsy is working to make sure that they break outside the mold of hiring only young white guys in hoodies.

One in three jobs will be taken by software or robots by 2025? Better get back to school…

Reputation, reputation, reputation

The Dubai police will pair Google Glass with facial recognition software. I can’t imagine how that might possibly go wrong…

Organizing Theory

Greenpeace is evolving their street canvassing model—from one that exclusively approaches people for fundraising, to one that doesn’t ask for money at all. Find out why, here.

Do you think the public sector has “huge, juicy problems to be solved?” Might be time to get your regulatory hacking on.

Organizers from last month’s People’s Climate March built a network-centric website, to allow people to self-organize as they built for massive turnout at the March.

From Partners

“This letter did not reach you by post, because mailing a letter like this all over the country costs over 2 million Euros. Ask the parties who sent you an election letter by post where they got the money to do so and in exchange for what.” Whoa. How Spain’s Podemos party is building relationships with voters, one at a time.

Geeking Out

Wearables, schmearables. With technology that feels like skin, why not give in and just become a cyborg?

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

The sharing economy is “like handing everybody earplugs to deal with intolerable street noise, instead of doing something about the noise itself.” Oh Evgeny Morozov, don’t ever change…

How can independent coffee shops get the benefits of being in a global chain like Starbucks, without sacrificing independence and uniqueness? Cups wants to give them a leg up.

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