Street canvassers & selfies–how to make both work for your group.

Apologies if you’ve sent me an article to put up in the last week or so—I’m buried in work. There won’t be an HtU next week, thanks to my day job’s demands during Election Day. Don’t forget to vote, and we’ll be back on 11/11 with your full ration of snark & robots.

Organizing Theory

If you use street canvassers, you might have them take a selfie of the person that is saying “yes” on the street, and then send it to them—it paid big dividends for Amnesty International.

Anti-logging activists use GPS to prove that trucks are moving illegal loads of lumber in Brazil.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Can we figure out a way to measure the economic impact of caring in our economy, beyond the dollars that we spend on child & elder care? These researchers say we’ve got to.

It’s like bitcoin, but for co-ops. Spanish worker cooperatives are at the cutting edge of worker-ownership, now they want to be on the cutting edge of digital monetary system design, too.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Is education technology preparing students for a lifetime of being surveilled, and their data analyzed? And when is the law going to catch up, in order to protect our kids from Big Data?

From Partners

NPR’s Marketplace has opened up a storefront office in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles to interview people about the effects of gentrification. Not in LA and still got a story to tell? Tweet at them, using the hashtag #gentrificationis.

Geeking Out

Need brain surgery? This robot might go in through your cheek…

It’s not just the zippy soundtrack that keeps you glued to video of pre-packaged sandwiches being made. It’s all the time you spend wondering, “Isn’t ANYBODY going to wear gloves??

What’s Going on in the Workforce?

“…why buy a second-best program or app?” How the superstar effect in technology is driving inequality in the tech world and beyond.

h/t to reader Thomas Beckett for pointing out this great piece about Teamster organizing drivers in the gig economy—from shuttles at Facebook, to Uber & Lyft.

Are you a web designer? Meet your AI replacement.

Most women know that emotional labor comes at a cost to us that generally isn’t rewarded through our paycheck. Now, we’ve got goggles that can make us look friendlier. Why not just stop telling me what to do with my face?

Start up culture isn’t just hard on developers who don’t fit in…

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