Would you rather have unlimited vacation, or be given one before you start a new job?

What’s Going on in the Workforce?The question of how to make sure that workers profit from their labor is one that’s consumed better organizers than me, for centuries. Here are two articles I came across on the same day about different approaches. One’s more of an old-economy model—retail workers in Maine create the 2nd largest worker-owned coop in New England. And on the new economy front—Yishan Wong is trying to figure out how to give stock to Reddit’s users—who have contributed to building value for “the front page of the Internet.”

In other workforce trends (well, maybe trends is too hopeful a word)—which would you rather have—a mandatory (paid) two-week vacation, before you start a new job  or unlimited paid time off?

Organizing Theory

The Centro de los Derechos del Migrante has launched an app to allow migrant workers & day laborers to rate recruitment agencies and employers. H/t to reader Nadia Hewka for sending that one in.

“We’re not doing civic technology right if we are not stepping out of our own contexts and into the contexts of the communities that we work for.” Laurenellen McCann lays it down for civic hackers.

Pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong have been using online platforms to get their message out—but also, to keep the public informed about the needs of protestors.

From Partners

Story of Stuff wants to figure out what kind of activist you are—using this simple quiz.  (Note—I’m a Resister—did anyone need a quiz to know this, though?)

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

At the end of a long growing cycle, maybe you’re tired of all those tomatoes. Why not organize a crop swap in your town or neighborhood?

Final Thoughts



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