“Hope…is the best resilience to hate.”

Organizing Theory

“Hope…is the best resilience to hate.” Lessons from the campaign around Brexit. 

“We cannot white-paper our path to a just society.” Sorry wonks, you’re just one part of the solution, but community organizing has to be a part of it too. 

It sounds nice that companies like Netflix are saying they’ll pull out of Georgia if its abortion ban goes into effect. Here, researcher Phil Mattera explains why that isn’t as great a step forward as it might seem. 

Personal contact works better than email, if you want to turn people out to events. 

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

It’s not every day you see dads standing up for the right to parent while also being a working person. Congrats to these dads at JP Morgan Chase for winning a class action settlement that will force the company to treat dads as equal parents. 

Game Workers Unite and a French union have united to defend 100+ workers laid off by Activision Blizzard earlier this year. 

Salesforce uses the power of its customer management software to tell companies: you can’t sell automatic weapons with our tech

Reputation, reputation, reputation

It’s one thing to not be able to use your email, when Google has a server outage. It’s another thing to not be able to change the temperature in your house, or open your front door… 

Wanna come to the US from some other country? Now you’re going to have to give the State Department access to your social media. It won’t just be teenagers setting up Finstas, now… 

Geeking Out

Robotic window washers and their human (ex window-washer) operators. 

What’s Going on in the Workforce

“Humbling an employer of that scale could hearten employees at smaller operations to take their shot at empowerment.” Of all the coverage of last week’s Fight for $15 actions against McDonald’s, perhaps the most fun to read is the restaurant industry’s version. h/t to Brett Banditelli for sending this one. 

Uber announced last week that it will finally start banning passengers who have bad ratings (it’s only fair, if they’re kicking drivers off the app for it!). So take your trash with you (and please, tell my kids to do the same). 


In Australia and want to learn more about online to offline organizing? Check this training out. 

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