When “automation” means someone in Central America earning $2/hour.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

When we talk about the perils of automation, sometimes people think it’s just about jobs being wiped out entirely. Here’s a good look at how automation erodes jobs—as Colombians get paid $2/hour to drive robot delivery vehicles around campus, instead of a delivery biker getting paid $15 or more. And as one happy customer points out in this piece, you neither have to rush to meet a robot, nor tip it. 

And remember—when you see Ford talking about “remote operators” for their new combination of self-driving car & robot delivery person—we’re talking about someone in another country making $16 a day. 

The Aspen Institute has released a set of policy recommendations about how to deal with the way automation is changing the economy. 

The Perils of Trumpism

The Trump Admin CMS just issued a rule preventing states from deducting union dues and contributions for health and retirement benefits from home care workers’ paychecks. 

Organizing Theory

How do unions navigate #metoo complaints that result in the firing of a member who harassed or assaulted another? 

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Activist startup guy takes on Airbnb, works with cities to help them better understand Airbnb data & its impact on rental rates. 

A UBI pilot project in Stockton, CA is giving randomly-selected residents $500/month in no-strings-attached income. How are they spending it? 

Live in the Mid-Atlantic and worry about plastic pollution? Try this experiment in zero-waste living, and order your Häagen-Dazs in stainless steel containers (also good for other every day items). 

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