Hospitals and ICE don’t mix

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

“The first thing I thought of was, who needs a yellow star when we have modern day technology to replace that?” Health care workers, on what it’s like to deal with ICE in their workplaces.

“Uber prices its rides below cost for the purpose of injuring competitors,” according to a new lawsuit filed by an LA limo company.

North Carolina’s cooperatives are bringing a more democratic economy to the South.

Tired of that crappy Sodexho or Aramark-provided food in your college dining hall? Start a student food coop.

In what might be the smallest-scale basic income pilot yet, Springboard to Opportunities is launching a basic income experiment to serve 15 black mothers in Jackson, MS.

From Partners

Congrats to friend’o’the’blog Nathan Schneider, on his new book Everything for Everyone, about the cooperative movement in this moment. Find info on how to order it here.

This new report from the National Institute on Retirement Security shows that the median retirement account balance among all US workers is $0. Guess I’m not the only one who plans to work straight through my own funeral…

Organizing Theory

Here’s a fascinating post about the construction of a labor app called Wobbly, designed to start at the level of local worksites and move outward from there.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Good piece about how hard it is to be a driver in Amazon’s delivery program, with lots of driver interviews.

Uber drivers struck at the Chicago airport yesterday. Here’s a really good look at why Uber’s deactivation policy is pushing many to organize.

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