Bridging the gap between coders and cleaners

What’s Going on in the Workforce

“…if there was ever a time in labor history when the bridge between coders and cleaners could happen, perhaps this is it.” Great piece on tech worker organizing.

“What typically goes through my mind [when Uber driving] is I hope I get some passengers that are easy to deal with – that aren’t going to be too difficult or drunk or whatever. What’s kind of interesting or sad is I tell them I’m a teacher and I’m immediately treated with sympathy. I typically get better tips. So I’m like a charity case.” Incredible photo essay about teachers and their second jobs.

“…private equity deals that strip companies of their assets and leave the workers with nothing are just one particularly egregious part of a larger trend: that the value created by companies is being shared with fewer and fewer people.” In one of the grimmer, “let’s celebrate Labor Day by focusing on how work sucks” trends Fast Company ran a series last week, called “Why Work Has Failed Us”—this is from the first piece, which focuses on how gains are increasingly only to those at the top.

From Partners

Working Partnerships USA just released a new report on automation & the future of trucking. Read the report here, and get on their webinar on September 14th, to hear more about it.

Organizing Theory

The Digital Writers’ Union has an online explainer about how to start a union, including a timeline of the various web-based writers that have unionize in recent years.

And this is a great explanation, from NGP-VAN, of the structures, targeting and cycle of an electoral field program.

Here’s a recap of Mobilisation Lab’s late August conversation about cultural campaigning.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

New York worker-cooperative activists had a discussion with cooperative activists in Barcelona about how they built a greater solidarity economy by leveraging political power to get their government to take it seriously. Here’s what they learned.

Whole Foods workers are moving to organize a union, since their acquisition last year by Amazon.

Americans feel the need to protest more than at any other time in polling history. The most compelling issues are women’s rights, immigration & gun control.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Uber already kicks off drivers who have a rating of less than 4 stars. Now, they might start booting passengers with low ratings too.

Geeking Out

h/t to Ray Murphy, for sending me the announcement about this new production of The Cradle Will Rock in New York next spring. See the musical the WPA shut down, for being too radical.


In DC this week? Oxfam is hosting a briefing on their recent report that compared labor laws in all 50 states, on Thursday 9/13.

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