If we’re all underwater, will we still want cheese?

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

I want to make a joke linking this article about a floating dairy farm to Kevin Costner’s Waterworld, but then I’d have to remind you that we’re all inching closer to a landless planet. Ooops!

A really thoughtful article by Danny Spitzberg about the current and future state of the platform coop movement.

Airbnb is suing New York City, ostensibly to protect the privacy of hosts.

California could be the first US state to require that corporate boards include women. Shocker, the Chamber of Commerce is opposed!

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Australian Uber drivers held another one-day strike last week. “I have no control over the price, I don’t know where I am going and I don’t know how much I’ll get paid, so how can I be an independent contractor.” In other Uber news, the company settled a discrimination complaint filed by 56 employees for about $10 million.

Kroger just launched a self-driving grocery delivery service in Arizona. And in other grocery-automation news—more startups are looking to do checkout-free grocery—but do customers want it?

From Partners

Tarana Burke, founder of the #metoo movement, is conducting a survey to find community organizations and others that are working for survivors of sexual assault.

The Freelancers Union is launching a hub for freelancers in NYC, which features free coworking and business advice for freelancers.

Organizing Theory

Check out this toolkit on how to improve your story collection, as an organizer. Bonus points if you use the water bottle trick.

Here’s a fascinating new effort by campaigners to aggregate how-tos about different kinds of organizing strategies and tactics, in one online place: Blueprint for Change.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Amazon’s army of Twitter bots are trying to convince us all that the company is good to its warehouse workers.

Geeking Out

A walk-through of a food truck outfitted with pizza-making robots.

Happy Labor Day, folks! May your parades be rain-free!

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