“Medical care’s never going to change some of these outcomes.”

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

“…if you’re a pediatrician and you look at the numbers, you have to do something to participate in the solution around eliminating poverty in these neighborhoods. Medical care’s never going to change some of these outcomes.” How one hospital is working to fight poverty, to make medical outcomes better for local kids.

So you want your city to invest in infrastructure, but instead they’re paying Wells Fargo ridiculous fees. LA is considering a public bank, so citizens can have more control over how their local taxes are used.

Baltimore is about to ban water privatization.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

It’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you—ICE & CBP are subjecting activists to extreme vetting—even when they are native-born US citizens.

Organizing Theory

After Caroline O’Donovan’s brobilizing article last week, here’s a good recent example—Lime & Bird take all their electric scooters offline in Santa Monica, to protest a city council decision.

From Partners

AAUW is doing a survey to collect info on workplace sexual harassment.

Geeking Out

I’m sorry I didn’t see the announcement of this Indegogo before it expired—but excited to someday see this Ken Roach-directed documentary, about engineers in Britain who figured out how to transition their company from arms manufacture to more socially-useful production.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

It’s the second half of August, and everyone is on vacation, or just playing Angry Birds on their phone (do people still play Angry Birds? I’m out of the phone game loop). So spend a few minutes reading this: the worst bosses, from a person who writes an advice column for people about workplace etiquette.

App work makes drivers more distracted, causing crashes & unsafe driving.

Uber announced it’s opening a center to focus on developing tech that can make it safer for drivers to accept cash for rides, in Brazil.

Fast Company takes a look at open hiring—profiling two companies that don’t let criminal records stop them from hiring qualified candidates.

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