Can free trade teach us something about how to respond to technological unemployment?

From Partners
The Century Foundation examines the prospect of technological unemployment—and posits that TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance) might provide a blueprint for creating policy solutions for workers who are displaced by automation.
Check out this new toolkit, produced by the Ella Baker Center, Enlace & Black Alliance for Just Immigration, for building campaigns for Freedom Cities.

What’s Going on in the Workforce
How much have you heard about the fast food workers in Portland who won a NLRB election last week? Me neither.
Cornell has put out an analysis of workers’ wages on Mechanical Turk, showing that the average crowd-worker earns a median wage of $2/hour.

Geeking Out
The Onlabor blog takes a look at the law around forced labor, in the US—and exceptions to the 13th Amendment.

Organizing Theory
Students from some of the country’s most elite business schools penned this op ed about why business schools should do a better job of teaching students how to consider the needs of workers, not just shareholders.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability
Head of HR at the Gates Foundation talks about the practical implications of giving new parents (of any gender) 52 weeks off to bond with a new child.

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