It’s been a long-term dream of mine to use a gif from The Wire in HtU…


Original Content
Earlier in the month, I talked to David Unger about his work to educate high school students in New York about their rights at work.
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Geeking Out
Robots assemble an Ikea chair. One wonders how much whiskey was consumed.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability
Taxi coops are much better for drivers than platforms like Uber & Lyft.
Survey Monkey just decided to offer benefits to their subcontractors—including health insurance, time off & transportation.


What’s Going on in the Workforce
Long, but interesting read about the perils of crab fishing in Alaska.
British reporter goes undercover in an Amazon warehouse, discovers bottle filled with urine, as workers don’t feel they have time to go to the bathroom.
The push for a 28-hour workweek continues in Germany, spreading to other unions beyond IG Metall.
Is Uber luring people away from restaurant jobs (I guess the tipped minimum wage isn’t too hard to overcome)?


Reputation, reputation, reputation
Women, we need to get involved in AI, before it’s full of male-programmed bias.


Robot of the Week
Because what’s better than Alexa creepily & inexplicably laughing in your house? Well, what if Alexa could follow you around while doing so?

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