“…we can’t retweet ourselves out of our most serious problems.”

Organizing Theory

“…we can’t retweet ourselves out of our most serious problems.” Great piece by Shaun King on what the Movement for Black Lives needs—a plan that everyone knows.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

The City of Stockton, CA is going to run one of the first basic income experiments in the United States. Check out their FAQ here.

A new CA law, aimed at eradicating the gender wage gap, makes it illegal for employers to ask applicants about their prior salary history.

Great piece by Nithin Coca about how platform cooperatives are developing sources of funding—and the challenges they face in competing with venture capital-backed, for-profit ventures.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

What will happen when your employer-provided smart watch starts to be able to read your mood?

An effort that would let immigrants use their credit history in their country of origin to develop a credit score in the US is picking up steam.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

American banks are shuttering call centers and blaming automation for the loss of jobs—but are they actually just offshoring them?

“Everyone is born with some labor, but not everyone is born with capital.” The New Yorker, on automation*.

“Uber is charging drivers to work”

This blog is more often concerned with the work impact of software engineers than it is with their work values & hopes. Here’s an interesting look at those, from the folks at Hacker News.

Geeking Out

Last week, Amazon offered elected officials around the country an unprecedented chance to kneel to capitalism. Digg looks at some of the worst videos produced by cities who were making an Amazon HQ2 bid.

*Thanks to all my HTU friends who sent me a picture of this New Yorker cover…apparently, my brand is strong!

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