Do these fries come with extra oil, for my robot waiter?

What’s Going on in the Workforce

CBS MoneyWatch covers the pending automation disruption—including a look at what kinds of white collar workers are most at-risk—and Martin Ford gives a pitch for UBI. Relatedly, Danny Meyer (guy who got rid of tipping in his restaurants) is now experimenting with automation in Shake Shack ordering.

ADP’s purchase of a digital payments company means more workers may soon be getting paid through fee-laden cash cards.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Want to support a group of homecare workers who are getting a coop off the ground next year? Contribute here.

I’m pretty proud that I had a small piece of helping the Our Neighborhoods, Our Future put out this Open Letter to Jeff Bezos, regarding Amazon’s race-to-the-bottom RFP for a second HQ.

WA state rep Monica Stonier has a new piece out, announcing her intention to introduce portable benefits legislation in that state.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Do you know how to protect yourself from doxxing?

Organizing Theory

If you didn’t watch this Mobiliisation Lab Live web discussion last week, on “How Social Ties Scale Modern Advocacy Campaigns,” go watch it now.

Thinking about scaling up voter registration for 2018? Read about this interesting experiment, run by

Lots of us are moving to have more meetings via video, with people around the country or in other countries. Here’s a great post on how to make virtual meetings more effective.

From Partners

This is a fascinating paper by the UK Trade Union Congress on how unions should approach automation. If it’s tl/dr, start with Section 5—“What can we expect to happen to work…”

Geeking Out

I’m curious if I know anyone who is working (either for money or love) in an organization that uses Colony. And if it works, does it have to be a big organization? Kinda sounds like it, from this.


Want to learn how implicit bias may be impacting your hiring? Check out this free webinar on November 8th.

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