“I definitely do not fit into the normal box”

What’s Going on in the Workforce

“I definitely do not fit into the normal box…” I’m strangely excited to read this paper on people who have multiple work identities, and how they achieve authenticity.

Uber has decided to shut down its car-leasing program, because it was costing the company too much money (not, apparently, because it was costing drivers too much money—although it was definitely doing that).

The New York local of TWU is partnering with worker-coop advocates to push the city to create a worker-owned school bus company.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

The next time you’re rude to your Uber driver (but seriously, why are you still using Uber?) you might get a ding on your OWN reputation.

Organizing Theory

Before you discount it, think about it. Entrepreneur & former VC Kanyi Maqubela on why Y Combinator Core might be a union (b/c, aggregating labor).

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

I don’t have a good umlaut joke when I really need one, but Ikea just bought Task Rabbit.

In yet another blow to Uber’s international operations, the company is threatening to pull out of Montreal/Quebec rather than comply with new government regulations that require them to provide the same number of training hours that taxi drivers must receive. On the plus side, Uber just introduced a function to teach hearing riders some basic sign language, when they pull a driver who is deaf.

A new company offers to help better connect gig workers to platform-based gigs, regardless of industry sector.

The Economic Security Project has announced their new grantees around universal basic income projects.

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