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Personal news

Hey folks, I’m looking for short term consulting work between now and the end of the year. Got an idea for something I could help you with? Let me know. 

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

No doubt, the biggest sharing economy news of the week is that the City of London is taking away Uber’s right to operate there (pending an appeal). In other news, the company has admitted in court that there is basically no relationship between the fare quoted to riders and the fee paid to drivers.

In bad news for Instacart & other grocery delivery companies, customer dissatisfaction with online grocery buying grew this year.

YCombinator has put out some more information about the basic income experiment that they are planning to conduct. And a h/t to reader Stephan Edel, who sent me this request for progressives to oppose neoliberal basic income schemes, on the basis that they increase rather than decrease precarity for the poor.

Lyft is partnering with the AARP and other senior organizations to figure out how they can better serve the senior population—including by giving free rides to seniors (test market: Los Angeles).

Organizing Theory

A hotel chain adds direct lines to Congress, so you can phone your representative from your room and let him/her know your political opinions. What is this life?

Do you need a guide to offering community training on data & technology? Look no further.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

An interesting look at how the world of NYC cab drivers is changing, in the age of Uber.


The Aspen Institute is hosting a discussion of how to improve jobs in the long-term care industry in DC in mid October.


Want to help privately owned small businesses convert to worker ownership? Democracy at Work is hiring.

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