Delivery robots, coming your way in Virginia

Geeking Out

Live in Virginia? Mazel tov! Later this year, you could be the first person to share a sidewalk with a delivery robot.

The first $10K, 3-D printed house was just constructed in Russia.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

AirBnB wants to put hosts in more of a governance role, inside the company.

We talked about this programmer’s app that helped people fight parking tickets last year—now he’s back with an app that helps refugees start the asylum-seeking process.

I am a terrible labor activist, and failed to strike last Wednesday. Iceland’s women once held a strike where 90% of the country’s women participated, and now they have the smallest gender equity gap of ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

The head of the Center for Rural Affairs wants to know what it would look like if more rural workers turned existing businesses into coops.

From Partners

Some very exciting news from Greenpeace, who’ve announced they’re spinning off their Mobilisation Lab to stand alone, as a movement-wide effort.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

You might think that the federal government would want to know, if its contractors broke federal labor law. But no.

Organizing Theory

Are you making your protests enough fun?

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