“Now is the time to insist on the ability to control our own data.”

Reputation, reputation, reputation

What if, the next time you hired someone to assemble your Ikea, their identity was confirmed…by their bank? An Australian bank partners with a sharing economy company.

“Now is the time to insist on the ability to control our own data.”

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

You know, one of the things I LIKE about ridesharing is that there aren’t TVs constantly yelling at me in the car…and naturally, Uber wants to take that away.

Some thoughts on why the economics of the platform companies can never create real profitability.

What states can learn from yesterday’s abolitionists, about how to fight the Muslim travel ban.

From Partners

The founder of non-profit job site Idealist.org wants to build a better community by uniting the sock-sharers.

Looking for a way to develop leadership within your union? Cornell has a new online course, launching this spring.

Similarly, if you’ve been wanting to start your very own worker cooperative, the fine folks at Sustainable Economies Law Center are hosting a “Think Outside the Boss” workshop online—materials here.

Check out this customizable contract for freelancers, from our friends at the Freelancers Union.

Organizing Theory

So we’ve mostly concluded that positive economic change, at least for the next four years, is more likely to come from states and cities than from the federal government. Where do you get ideas about what kinds of policy campaigns to run? Check out this new paper from CEPR, on organizing for economic justice in the Trump era. I was especially interested in their ideas about health care, but who know? Open source textbooks may be more of your jam.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Add Wendy’s to the list of fast-food restaurants that are moving to more automation in their stores.

Uber drivers in Philly are joining the Newspaper Guild. I guess journalists do know a thing or two about the gig economy…

Cargo 42, a new Miami startup, wants to bring sharing-economy-style scheduling to the trucking & logistics business.

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