“Liberals are very good at using technology to organize, but conservatives know how to use it to spread a message.”

Organizing Theory

How did tens of thousands of people end up at airports on the weekend that the Muslim ban went into effect? Mic takes a look at the organizing that went into it.

“Liberals are very good at using technology to organize, but conservatives know how to use it to spread a message.” And on the other side of the aisle, how have conservatives jumped all over Facebook Live as an organizing tool?

Reputation, reputation, reputation

There’s been a lot of news lately about rogue Twitter accounts, run by federal employees. Here’s a good, detailed piece on how to stay safe, if you’re running such an account.

Uber’s had it’s share of reputation management issues lately—with 200K riders deleting the app, in response to their CEO’s perceived support of Trump.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

The Guardian recently calculated that a hard Brexit (i.e.—ending migration from the EU) would mean Britons have to work at least an extra year before being able to retire, because of the significant role migrants currently play in their workforce. I wonder if some enterprising think tank is doing a similar study for the US, if Trump gets his way?

India may be the next country to run some kind of basic income experiment.

From Partners

The National Academy of Social Insurance just released this report to the New Leadership & American People on Social Insurance and Inequity.

And NELP/the Roosevelt Institute have recently partnered on this report on ensuring economic security for gig workers.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Sure, you could call in sick. Or you could just send the telepresence bot that is controlled by your brain

A Florida court just dealt a blow to at least one Uber’s driver’s ambition to be classified as an employee.

Whole Foods (a worker-owned coop in MN, not that one) just voted in a union.


The ILO is having a retreat in Geneva in April to discuss “The Future of Work We Want.”

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