“Democratic principles for anti-democratic times”

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“Democratic principles for anti-democratic times,” as brought to you by the fine folks at Political Research Associates.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

A new Miami on-demand car wash service claims it will save water, as well as adding convenience for users.

Uber is attempting to own the “last mile” of public transit (subsidized by local tax dollars), and five Florida cities just released what that is costing them.

If you’re a tech company, collaboration is a bad look. Well, if you’re any company really.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Great piece from the Freelancers’ Union blog on what freelancers of color have to think about, in advertising their businesses, that white freelancers probably don’t.

Organizing Theory

h/t to the creators of this website, which lets you call Trump properties to complain about the president (it’s only fair, since he’s shut down the White House comment line).

Geeking Out

Did you ever want to know what offices you might be eligible to run for? Check out this nifty website.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

“Employee relations could be Uber’s Achilles’ heel.” Uber and Ola drivers in India went on strike last week, to protest long work hours and unsustainable pay. Since Uber drivers are apparently sleeping in their cars, in San Francisco, this is perhaps a global problem.

Bipartisan ways to revise the social contract?

Illinois worker advocates are promoting a bill to provide more regulation of temp agencies.

Are you in Boston today? Get yourself a Big Mac from an ATM. No, wait, don’t do that, Big Macs are gross.

Think twice before sending your kid to law school…TAR is coming for entry-level legal jobs.

Uber recently asked some drivers for pay stubs from other driving employment. Is that legal?

Mississippi auto workers seeking to form a union at Nissan held a series of actions this weekend. You’re forgiven for missing the news, since we were all in airports.


The Murphy Institute is holding an event to commemorate the birthday of W. E. B. DuBois called “From Economic Crisis to Economic Democracy—Lessons from Black Communities.” Info here.

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