“I will never grocery shop again.”

Geeking Out

“I will never grocery shop again.” Is technology making women’s lives better? Or just forcing more of us to return to a 19th C relationship with domestic workers?

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Micro targeted political ads, delivered to set-top boxes that know your address? Might be the thing that knocks you over into becoming a cord-cutter.

Interesting post from the head of LA’s Taxicab Commission on how we might use technological monitoring to ensure the safety of ride-sharing drivers in LA.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

“If your phone can give you access to the things you would need from a bank, well, you’ve just disinvented the need for banks, and fundamentally changed the operation of the money system, across whole swathes of the developing and emerging world.” If, like me, you’ve been looking for a super-long explainer of blockchain currencies, look no further. If no, click elsewhere. 

In SF next week? Check out this talk at Twilio on the tech behind the sharing economy. 

These non-profit folks are planning to give 6,000 Kenyans a basic income for 10-15 years, to see what happens. 

Organizing Theory

LGBT groups continue to lead the way on running evidence-based experiments that successfully reduce bias through 10-minute conversations at the door.

From Partners

The organizers of Personal Democracy Forum are still looking for folks to submit panels. All-male options need not apply.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Postmates is launching a new on-demand delivery service via subscription, perhaps to challenge Amazon Prime.

How trade unions and coops are working to help the self-employed in the EU.

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