we need to make the safety net work better for those of us living in the patchwork economy.”

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“But we do not need to answer all questions about the scope or importance of the gig economy to know that we need to make the safety net work better for those of us living in the patchwork economy.” New report from The Century Foundation on the need to patch the holes in economic security for all.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

“I work usually every day,” he says, “but doing the things I believe in, it doesn’t always feel like work.” What’s it like to be the first guy in the Netherlands to collect a basic income?

I wonder, at what point will we just need to set up a global tax system, to catch all the evaders that persist in not paying taxes anywhere?

Here’s a good start on principles for platform design that empower workers to do better.

Organizing Theory

As far as I can tell, the jury’s still out on what factor to use, when calculating Facebook event drop-off. But maybe committing to carpool will make people more likely to show?

Geeking Out

I’m not going to lie. Reading this made me want a telepresence bot of my very own. http://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-telecommute-with-a-double-robotics-robot-2016-3?r=UK&IR=T

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Is Lyft becoming more like Uber?

More on last week’s story about the changes in US job growth, particularly when it comes to “alternative arrangements” (i.e.—gigs).

“Information asymmetries are not byproducts of Uber’s app design, but fundamental parts of the Uber business mode.” Data & Society’s Alex Rosenblat & Luke Stark analyzes how Uber uses algorithms to manage drivers.

Somewhere between the gig economy and a mainstream job is the “jobbatical.”


To longtime HTU supporter David Rolf on today’s publication of his new book, The Fight for Fifteen. Look for an interview with David here in the next few weeks.

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