“An activist’s moment is not the moment of change; it is the period when change seems impossible.”

Organizing Theory

“An activist’s moment is not the moment of change; it is the period when change seems impossible.” Great piece by an activist who went from leading the revolution at Tahrir Square to living on minimum wage in San Francisco.

From Partners

Silicon Valley’s Working Partnerships USA has just put out a report about Tech’s Invisible Workforce.

Geeking Out

Artists video rendition of a bricklaying robot? Sure, I wasn’t planning on doing anything cooler in that minute.

Always missing doctor’s appointments due to shaky transportation? If you’re in MD or DC, your doctor might send you an Uber.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Sharing economy startup Peerby just raised its biggest round of capital yet—from its own user base.

I’ve lived in a couple of older apartments that had closets which had clearly been converted from Murphy beds. I wonder what these will look like in 50 years?

How does platform capitalism feel like laughing with salad? You’ll only know if you read this great piece by Danny Spitzberg. Bonus points for having the best photo caption ever.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Fascinating look, by JP Morgan Chase, at income volatility within various US demographics (including statistics about on-demand economy income). What’s up, westside?

The Rideshare Guy asked 55 industry folks to predict the biggest issues for ridesharing companies in 2016.

“…by firing a poor performer and then getting a replacement from essentially the same labor pool, you are relying on random luck to find someone who is going to do a better job.” Why ratings systems aren’t the best way to manage, if you care about delivering quality services.

CA Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez explains why she introduced the “California 1099 Self-Organizing Act.”

Great piece by Michelle Chen—Gig Economy Work Doesn’t Have to Be Awful.

A new paper by economist Lawrence Katz asserts that all the net growth in the US job market since 2005 has been in the gig economy—both offline and on.

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