It’s New Economy Week!

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It’s New Economy Week!

Are you a Computer Science person who wants to talk about how to build platforms as sites of collaboration & trust? Check out this one-day meeting in February (in the Bay Area).

This week’s Next: Economy conference will feature the launch of the Good Work Code.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Finland could become the first country to experiment with a national basic income.

Merrill Lynch has joined the list of firms warning that increased automation may exacerbate economic inequality, by killing jobs.

Remember last week’s article about how AirBnB might someday book hotel rooms? Looks like Expedia is buying Homejoy.

University of Denver professor Nancy Leong, on how the rating systems of the sharing economy aggregate racial discrimination.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Are you interested in data & society, and the impact of data on society? Apply for this fellowship.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Check out this survey from German union IG Metall asking what people like & dislike about working on platforms.

Fast Company takes a look at how the Internet of Things might start to affect more and more workers, through quantification of time and space.

The robots are coming to a financial advisor near you. Natch, the human financial advisors believe they’re irreplaceable.

Here’s a pretty incredible saga about the ups & downs of getting-then losing—then getting back—then losing again—a virtual job.

Geeking Out explains why they think it’s important to fund tech for non-profits.

Organizing Theory just released an Ethical Design Manifesto, for web creators.

Super-interesting look at how the use of media has evolved from the civil rights movement in the 50s & 60s to today’s #blacklivesmatter movement.

FOLD looks at how to present research in a compelling, understandable way.

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