No clever tagline, just go vote today (if you’re in the US). Plenty of cleverness in the post!

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Juliet Schor on why the conversation about the future of work really needs to include a conversation about global climate change.

Will AirBNB someday be the place you go to book a hotel room, as well as a room for rent in a house? And speaking of AirBnB—they’re (sort of) on the ballot in SF today. Get out there and vote!

“…relentless focus on building a cheaper and more reliable car does not prepare you for the day when people don’t even aspire to owning a car.” Peter Coffee on how automakers will need to disrupt their own relationships to customers, if they want to stay relevant in the self-driving car era.

Academics answer the question: what will people do if they don’t have to work for a living?

While many co-working spaces focus on recruiting entrepreneurs, Make Shift Boston is set up to meet the needs of activists & organizers.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Josh Dzieza has a new piece out at the Verge, asking if instant ratings are making us all into horrible bosses. Features quotes from yours truly.

Geeking Out

It was only a matter of time: the “Bullshit Job Rap.”

Which are the companies most likely to be involved in building the hardware for a self-driving car? And will any of them be based in Detroit?

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Are you using a restaurant as a staging ground for business meetings without ever ordering any food? Here’s what one waiter thinks about you.

Uber has pulled out of 3 cities in Germany, after failing to secure regulatory approval to operate.

While most folks agree that the shift to self-driving cars won’t happen overnight, this futurist thinks we’ll see major disruption of the transportation industry in just the next 10 years. Here’s a business park in CA that’s about to transition to robot buses.

“The same people who dislike high wages and full employment also dislike big welfare states.” Why are you still working so many hours in the US, while similar jobs in Europe require less hours? Give it a rest!

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