“We should be talking about ‘good work’ not about ‘good jobs’.”

This is going to be the last Hack the Union in July, as the kids and I will be off visiting the land of many robots… Console yourselves with the thought that there may be many cool pics in the August newsletters…

What’s Going on in the Workforce?

“We should be talking about ‘good work‘ not about ‘good jobs’.” Yup.

Is it still called “undercover journalism” if you’re investigating behind the anonymity of an app? What it’s like to work as an Invisible Boyfriend.

Fetch & Freight might sound like a cute new Pixar film, but they’re actually a pair of complementary robots that are coming to a warehouse near you. And includes an emergency stop, to “avoid the robot uprising,” which is awesome.

“When engineers create a robot that can engineer other robots, will they lay themselves off and declare victory?” Let’s hope. In other news, AI robots are going to eat the lunch of manufacturing robots, any day now.

Geeking Out

Indivisible hopes to make you really understand and appreciate what government does.

From Partners

Some good best practices & suggestions for live-streaming activist events, from Greenpeace’s Mobilization Lab.

New Yorkers, and those who live close-ish to New York! Starting this Friday, through August 2nd, go see the production of Romeo & Juliet that will be appearing at Bryant Park! I can guarantee that it will be the only one you ever see that features a cry for “15 Ducats & a Union!” The #classwar is everywhere…

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

The Dutch city of Utrecht is about to start a basic income experiment.

It belies the title “sharing economy” if your app starts charging customers 3X of normal, during a workplace action by competitors.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

In a beautiful world, every thing we buy online would be fairly priced. Sadly, we live in the ugly world. But $heriff is here to help, if you use IE or Firefox to shop online. (Oh wait, you thought all your searches would resolve in exactly the same results received by someone else using the exact same search terms? Think again.

Organizing Theory

What is a robot, anyway? Under the eyes of the law, it’s not that clear (nor is, who will regulate the bots?) One Stanford professor thinks they ought to be regulated by the FTC.

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